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Georgina Baker has been with Media Board International for four weeks now, as part of the DMU Graduate Champion Scheme; here is what she’s had to say about her experience one month in:

My first four weeks at Media Board have flown by, as I sit here writing this post I can hardly believe that I have been working here for a month already.

My time at Media Board International has been busy, I was quite literally thrown into the deep end from the off but that’s the best way to start right?

I have been working closely with the social media side of the business, which as an avid user of almost all the social media platforms, which I was excited about.

However, when you like your favourite shoe brand’s page on Facebook and give them a follow on Twitter and Instagram, you don’t really take into consideration the hard work ‘behind the scenes’ that goes on to ensure the brand or company endorses itself as much as it can, to ensure success.

That’s where the Media Board team and I come in. I have been allocated the task of designing weekly and monthly content plans for each of Media Board’s clients. This process, while fairly lengthy allowed me to get a good insight into each brand and how Media Board can play to their strengths and find new talking points to get the audience even more interested. This helps strengthen our relationship with the clients as we are able to present to them a highly detailed day-to-day plan, giving them confidence that we are the right people for the job.

A lot of research goes into making the schedules as full and colourful as they can be. For example we take the most important and relevant talking points of the business and allocate them appropriate time slots in the schedules. If the client owns a bar and restaurant and is open from five, around three o’clock would be the prime time to talk about the menu. That way you have more chance of enticing people into the establishment for something to eat as the idea of eating out after work trumps the alternative of going home and cooking. This is then usually married up with a picture of a mouth-watering dish from the menu, giving you even more of a guarantee of increased custom.

As well as ensuring that the intended audience know what the brand does and how they can access what they have to offer, it is also vital there is room for engagement. Audiences like to feel they are a part of the brand and, after all without their custom there would be no business. Getting people interacting with the client’s social media is important. Going back to the restaurant example we can create a post asking followers what they would like to see on our menus that way were are interacting and improving the brand. We also create various competitions which allow for more interaction within the social media area.

I have also been fortunate enough to be able to expand on my journalism skills which I acquired while at university. This been done not only through the composing of posts for social media but I have been allowed to do something which I love- blogging. By blogging I have not only been given the time to process my experience working with Media Board but it has allowed me to get a better understanding of Media Board. I also hope it has given Media Board a clearer insight into my personality and helped prove I can bring something vital to the team.

It is hard to believe my internship at Media Board International is drawing to a close in the next few weeks. In the meantime, I will make the most of it by ensuring each client’s social media platforms continue to have regular, relevant content being written and posted on a daily basis, and I will do all I can to help Media Board achieve their goals of being the one of most reputable and respected brands globally.

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