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Recently Media Board International welcomed DMU Graduate Champion Georgina Baker for a six week internship; here is what she had to say about it:

Having recently graduated in BA Honours Journalism, I was very excited to be able to take on the role of Social Media Marketing Intern.

Media Board has opened my eyes when it comes to how versatile my degree actually is. If someone had asked me three years ago when I was a fresh faced fresher, what I think I will be doing when I graduate, I would have never even considered working solely in the social media industry.

“It’s only my second week in and it’s already given me a boost of confidence, it applies to my degree and it has shown me that there is more to straight forward journalism, which is what my degree focused on.”

So far my time at Media Board has consisted of a variety of tasks and activities including coming up with appealing and engaging ideas as well talking points to publish onto clients social media pages to boost brand awareness. I have also been able to put my journalistic and subediting skills into practise as I was asked to edit parts of Media Board’s website- ahead of its launch on social media.

During my short time here at Media Board I am learning the vital role social media now plays in marketing, client development and public relations. In this fast paced world where everyone is virtually surgically attached to their smartphones and devices, I have learnt the importance of coming up with innovative ideas and ways to keep the customers of our clients interactive – and in the process have been able to brush up on how to successfully condense my writing.

As my internship continues I hope to have more opportunities to pitch ideas and get involved in social media marketing and content planning strategies as well as creating more blog posts for the website. Media Board has taught me that as much as I love getting involved in traditional forms of journalism, times are changing and I could see myself equally getting involved in journalism or PR by going down the social media and marketing route.


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