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Everybody seemed to be asking the same question on Thursday 23rd June. Did you vote in? Or did you vote out?

The EU Referendum vote was undoubtably one of the biggest votes for the current generation. With many view points from both angles, we thought we would discuss how Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and other other Social Media platforms have influenced many voters.

Over the past few weeks it has been almost impossible to avoid the discussions being put out by politicians and news outlets. Today (Thursday 23rd June) our team witnessed a major swing.

From early hours in the morning hashtags have gone viral which included an automatic Twitter emoji on #iVoted. The 18-30 generation has finally awoken, which has been a sigh of relief for the government as their was some initial fear as to whether young people would even vote.

Massive online campaigns from both sides have been in motion over the past week leading up to today, Brits have been bombarded with youtube adverts, twitter discussions and sponsored Facebook adverts.

With all of this information coming in, there was one main concern across the UK, what are the facts? Everybody has been saying what staying or leaving would do for our economy but the truth is, nobody actually knows. The only way to know whether a Brexit would benefit the UK, is to have one. For some this seems like a risk worth taking, whilst others believe we have too much to lose.

The nation responded by voicing their opinions and concerns on social media and this sparked a massive debate. Many celebrities have also been getting involved, many of whom have been unbiased with the aim of simply making young people vote.

Some of the celebrities that have been involved in the online discussions include:

IN –
Daniel Craig
JK Rowling
Bear Grylls
Idris Elba
Richard Branson
Lord Sugar
Simon Cowell


Sir Michael Caine
Katie Hopkins
Duncan Bannantyne
Theo Paphitis
Sol Campbell
Vladmir Putin


Social media has played a massive role in this vote with Twitter leading the live discussion. The big question is without the influence of Social Media, would the final result be the same?

Written by Jordan Singh


Author Media Board International

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