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Media Board International was extremely proud to see one of our sponsored projects featured on Last week.

The news team broadcast a feature on Efaz Ahmed who formed the Neba Football Academy, which we sponsor.

Efaz set up the academy with the help of the Prince’s Trust to help create an outlet and bring the young people of Leicester together through the medium of football.

The club was formed after Efaz himself struggled to find his own voice and an outlet for his passion and energy, growing up in Leicester.

By getting involved with the Prince’s Trust, he was able to keep on the straight and narrow and channel his behaviour through mediums such as sport- which is now what he is striving to do with a new generation of Leicester youngsters.

The Trust has helped him set up the academy which now boasts a large, healthy membership which is growing all the time, keeping children off the streets and allowing them to socialise and find their own voices and way in life.

Efaz is looked up to by all the academy members, who regard him as ‘inspirational’ and Media Board is extremely happy to be involved in sponsoring projects which are as rewarding and life changing as the Neba Football Academy- which we are looking forward to seeing and being involved in it’s progress in the near future.

Click here to check out the full ITV News Feature video


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