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Remain relevant

Are your doors open to business on social media?

In an environment where social media is growing and more people are accessing Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and many more applications. It is now a necessity to remain relevant and competitive by having social media profiles as well as maintaining casual day to day business. We can help develop a strategy that will engage and interact with your customers and deliver goals.

  • Social media marketing is an essential process of promoting your business.
  • Over 2 Billion Active Social Media Accounts
  • Facebook alone has 1.72 Billion users
  • Over 1.6 Billion Active Social Media Accounts on Smart Phones
Remain relevant

Media Board Social Media Management Programme

  • We create, post and deliver
  • 24 Hours a Day, 365 days a year Unlimited posting
  • Creative team including Designer, Photographer & Videographer
  • Dedicated Account Manager
  • Customer interactions and relationships
  • Analysis

01. Profile creation

We keep your social media profiles consistent and uniform across platforms you should be on including Facebook, Twitter and Instagram. Our team will ensure your online presence is on the platform suited to your needs. Being on selected platforms will give an impression to find you where your target audience are spending valuable time on.

02. Online reputation

Our job is to keep on top of comments and reviews on social media. We use our experience in handling and managing business reputations online. We monitor what is being talked about you online so you don’t have to worry about replying to every message.

03. Social media campaigns

Our creative team build specific campaigns from competitions, giveaways, product launches, paid advertising or updates surrounding your business. We work closely with you to bring out the best in your brand or business to keep your social media followers excited for more content and exclusives.

04. Curated content

We have a dedicated team who creates content from photography, videography, website and design combined to your social media strategy and tactics.

05. Content sharing

Your blog and other website content needs to be shared across your social media which generates more interaction and responses. We have valuable experience to push your content to achieve the end results of leads for the business.

06. Monitor and measurement

We are constantly looking at what is current and instant on the go on social media. We look at trending topics, top conversations, popular hashtags, online communities and evaluate previous campaign plans to uncover opportunities and present them for engagement for your team to pursue. We work closely just like your very own in-house team to deliver the results you want. We will produce, evaluate and analyse results and fine-tune your tactics to your social media marketing goals.

Our process

Social Media Management

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  5. Action
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